Between Saturdays 3rd Feb. and 10th. Feb incl.,* freshly baked baguettes will be on the menu at Frensham.

Bacon/egg/sausage/mushroom, or any combination of these will be available between 8.30am – 2.30pm everyday (except Monday 5th Feb. when the Fishery is closed), either pre-ordered or on-the-day. Vegan and vegetarian options, or any other dietary requirements, are available by pre-ordering. Please contact Shirley on m: 0776 277705. Prices are £5 per baguette for 2 fillings, plus £1 each for any extra filling(s). Bon appetit! Matt Carroll, Fishery Manager.

* for this period only, the gates will be kept open 8am to dusk, so on-the-day arrivals will be possible, along with on-line bookings (as usual).