We offer Day and Half-Day permits within the monthly opening times (see About page), for the following ticket types: Day – 2 Fish, 3 Fish or 4 Fish to be kept then catch & release of up to 6 fish, for £55, £65 and £75 respectively. Half-Day – 1 Fish to be kept then catch & release of up to 6 fish, for £44. Either AM (08:00 to 13:00hrs) or PM (13:00hrs to close). Additional fish (above the catch & keep entitlement) can be purchased on the day, as agreed with the Fishery Manager.

To allow for maintenance and a rest period after a weekend’s fishing, the Fishery will generally be closed on Mondays. There are exceptions to this rule, so please check the calendar below.

Expert tuition by an Angling Trust qualified coach can also be arranged through the Fishery Manager.

Please note that for safety and security reasons there is a coded lock at the Fishery main gates which is changed from time to time. If you have not received a code by 7pm the day before your booking, please contact the Fishery Manager. If for any reason you cannot make contact and arrive for your booking without a code, please park in the space adjacent to the disused entrance gate just off Simmondstone Lane and walk down to the Fishery. Thank you.

To book, simply click the day you require then fill in the form and pay. Your permit will be emailed to you with details of your booking.

Frensham Gift Coupons

Our Frensham Fishing Coupons make perfect gifts at any time of the year!

Simply purchase below, then pass on the coupon code. The recipient simply enters the code when making a booking. Any remaining credit can be used for future bookings, or top-ups can be made at the time of booking. Choose either a £50, £100 or a £150 coupon.

Thank you!

Refund Policy

No refunds/credits if a booking is cancelled within 12 hours of the reservation time. Credits, when given, need to be used within 4 weeks of the original reservation time.