Frensham Trout Fishery Rules

Please note that gates open at 8am and are closed after the last angler leaves the fishery in accordance with the ticketing system.

Upon arrival at the Fishery, all guests must complete the sign in / registration forms found in the Hatch (this does not apply to online bookings). On no account is fishing to commence without prebooking and prepayment.

Catch and Keep Tickets

  • The first 1/2/3 fish (in accordance with the ticket purchased) are to be taken – this is not a selective fish ticket
  • Anglers are permitted to continue fishing under catch and release rules once they have taken their fish limit
  • All wild fish, and all stocked fish 5lbs and over, are to be released

Catch and Release Rules (Limited to 8 fish)

If you find a damaged fish, report it immediately to the Fishery Manager. Fishery management retains the right to suspend catch and release fishing if the water temperature exceeds 16/17C.

  • Barbless hooks must be used for catch and release
  • Our preference is barbless hooks are used regardless – this is not mandatory, but is more sporting!
  • Fish to be released must not be handled outside of the water
  • Knotless mesh nets only
  • No more than 2 consecutive fish are to be caught from a single peg – this ensures fair sport for all our visitors!
  • We would appreciate if all anglers could retain damaged fish submerged in their nets before reporting to the Fishery Manager

General Fishery Rules

  • A valid Rod Licence is required. This is your responsibility to obtain this before your visit.
  • Only conventional fly-fishing tackle is to be used at the Fishery
  • No tandem lures, double or treble hooks, spinners, bait, or droppers
  • Hats and Glasses are to be worn for your safety
  • No wading in the lakes at any time
  • No rod sharing nor bag limit sharing
  • All anglers must book in and out and record details of their catch, including “nil” returns
  • Use of less than 5lbs leader is prohibited
  • The Owner / Management reserves the right to inspect an angler’s tackle and equipment whilst at Robinswood
  • Any angler found bait fishing or exceeding the bag limit will be expelled from the fishery and forfeit all monies paid and any fish caught. We will also inform other venues.
  • Under NO circumstances should any discarded line or leader be left on the bank as it can be fatal to wildlife. We have found bats and birds getting stuck on flies in the trees.
  • Please take your litter home. Plastic bags can be provided on request.
  • Do not leave it on the banks or stands. This includes cigarette butts – ashtrays are provided at each peg.
  • No gutting of fish on the property
  • Dogs are allowed only with prior permission from the Owner / Management – they must always be kept on a lead. If they become noisy / a nuisance, they must leave the property.
  • No radios or music to be audible to other anglers.
  • No open fires unless at the designated BBQ area and they must NOT be left unattended.
  • It is hereby understood that neither Frensham Trout Fishery, Mrs Jillian Twite (the Owner), nor the Management / Agents, shall be liable for any fatality or injury to persons, where so ever or how so ever caused
  • Neither Frensham Trout Fishery nor the Owner / Management / Agents shall take responsibility for any loss of personal items on the premises or damage to vehicles
  • The Owner / Management reserves the right to refuse admission to the Fishery without explanation
  • No unaccompanied young persons14 years old and younger (unless by prior agreement)
  • Persons in breach of the rules will be expelled from the Fishery

If you have any queries relating to the above, please contact the Fishery Manager (Matt Carroll) on his mobile: 0737 678 0209 or by email: