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Autumn Activities

With cooler weather and good water conditions, there are some great fly fishing opportunities at Frensham throughout the autumn and winter months. Don’t forget to turn your clocks back on 28th October, come along and visit us, and brighten up your day during the shorter daylight hours*. The accompanying photos will hopefully help whet your appetite…………   * during November – February PM ticket holders will be able to arrive at 12.00 midday 

October 25th, 2023|

Kingfisher Lake

Following the severe storm that hit Frensham earlier this week, and the consequential damage it caused, regretfully Kingfisher Lake is temporarily closed whilst maintenance work is being carried out. All of the other Lakes are fully stocked and are fishing well, so please continue to come along to the Fishery.

September 23rd, 2023|

A ‘Reely’ good event

Aptly named Fly Fishing Society, ‘Reel Friends’ had a very successful day out yesterday at Frensham. Over 40 fish were landed and several prizes were awarded including the Richard Twite Memorial Trophy, in honour of the late, great man himself, who designed and built the Fishery in the mid-1970’s. As well as near perfect fishing conditions, and favourable weather, our visitors were treated to breakfast on arrival and a hearty 2-course lunch provided by our experienced in-house caterers. The attached photos say it all! 

September 16th, 2023|

Tiger Trout

Tiger trout (Salmo trutta × Salvelinus fontinalis) is a species that we regulary stock at Frensham. If you can hook one, they put up a great fight. This fin-perfect 3lb fish was caught in Robins Lake over the Bank Holiday weekend.

August 28th, 2023|

Brown Trout – Policy Change

In order to improve stock turnover, and maintain optimum fishing conditions, we will now be allowing stocked brown trout to be kept as part of your bag. This policy will be in place with immediate effect and will be reviewed again in the Autumn. However, all wild brown trout (generally smaller in size) are to be handled very carefully and returned please. Thank you for your cooperation.

July 31st, 2023|

Top-up Stocking

Given the continued favourable weather conditions (cool and wet), and the steady number of visitors to the Fishery, we have just completed a top-up stocking of rainbows and browns. There are plenty of fish being caught, even on dry fly patterns despite the increased water flow. All in all, its a very good time to visit us again ……….

July 24th, 2023|

Jobs for the Summer

There are always jobs to be done at the Fishery and Summer is no exception. Some of the most important jobs at this time of the year include:

Monitoring water temperature. Trout struggle when water temperatures reach 18 degs and the effects of reduced oxygen can be fatal at water temperatures over 20 degs. Fortunately we have a lot of shade and well oxygenated water.

Clearing out weirs and ensuring that all pipes and culverts are flowing freely. By doing this will ensure well oxygenated water conditions.

Kick sampling. Water quality both upstream and downstream, as well as in the lakes themselves, needs to be  monitored regularly.

Cutting back vegetation. There is rapid growth at this time of year, so this must be kept under control.

Weather forecast. We are always looking ahead to see how we can best manage the Fishery during temperature fluctuations and dry/wet periods.

Attending to all of these tasks will hopefully result in the best possible fishing conditions…….. until the Autumn……..

July 16th, 2023|
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